Dezzani is a Company born from the passion of a Family for the wine and became a productive reality going out of local boundaries.
It was 1934 when the grandfather Luigi Dezzani founded his historic Winery, at that time dedicated to the production and the local grapes distribution.
The key of the successes got in the 70-80's has been the enthusiasm Luigi passed to his son Romolo, who made Dezzani known not only in Piedmont but all over Italy, becoming one of the reference points of the typicity of Piedmont.  
Following their father's philosophy, Franca, Luigi and Giovanni, the 3rd generation, have spread Dezzani brand onto the international markets. It has been a choice of quality aimed to the production of prestigious wines, later on recognized by the Customers in the world.
Today, this historical reality is guided by Rocca Family (five generations in wine business) and Villa Rivalta (10.000 hectares and hundreds of families collected in cooperative) that are developing important tangible synergies through a sensible supply chain control, modern technologies and the love of the ones that live of wine from centuries.